Saturday, November 22, 2008

I wish I can throw you into the black hole

Well hello people,
Today, wasn't that boring. Except for the part where I spent my time in front of the tv, changing, changing and keep changing the channels
Mhmm, boring kan ? I know -.-
But overall, it was okay. Gelak gelak, blablabla
Haha. Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, breakfast, tgk tv, mandi, yeahh
Oh and, mom made a new "rule" which is : each time after breakfast, lunch and dinner, wash our own dishes
Wow right ? It's not fair, cause the maid's work will be less >:( And, my mom made that rule but her dishes, either my brother and I or the maid have to wash it
Cool right ? Pfft
Sooooooooooooo, before picking up my maid from my dad's office ( she has to clean my dad's office every Saturday ) , my mother, brother and I drive-thru Burger King. Order, pay, took our food and went to the office
Hahahaha mama tried to do that Fly Fm thang, like fl-fl-fl-fl-fl-y fm. If you don't get it, nvm. Hahaha but it was funny like serious SHIT, lawak gile !
Sampai rumah, kenyangkan perut. Ehehe
Me, as the Dennis the Menace in the house, started to kene kenekan my brother and my dad
Haha evil evil. Yang paling lawak was, buat lawak pasal babah :) Hahaha sorry but seriously, lawak gile kot
Gelak sambil mengenyangkan perut :9 Yeahhh, ahaha
Oh and now, tgh tgk cerite lawak Indon, " Suami Suami Takut Istri ". Hahahah lawak gakk :D
And sambil tu, tgh ckp pasal budak budak shuffle and bnyk lagi lah
Hahahaha BEST :D

Okay okay, I wanna watch Twilight's trailer, tgk tv and some other things. Haha, tataa :)

xx Hazwani

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