Thursday, December 18, 2008

Demon Days

YESTERDAY - 171208

Vibration of my phone woke me up at 5 A.M . Yes, from Mr. 007 ( Haha, guess who )
He was lucky cause I wasn't asleep like the dead AND when I talked to him, my eyes weren't heavy. Cool kan ? Tak ngantuk :s Hahahaaaa
Anyway , spent the evening with Fadhli, Luen, Jon, Izreen and Dayaanggggg
Haha, Dayang and I said to Fadhli that we were going to OU at 11.30 but well, we arrived there at 1.30
Blame Dayang's sister okay ? Alright :)
Ate at Sushi King with Dayang. Fadhli and the others caught up with us after they bought the tickets. Eh no, Fadhli came first. and the others were late cause they went erm .. lost ?

Fad, where are you ?
Sushi King
Huh, shisha ?

Luen's blurness :)
Chilled at Sushi King for awhile and the dudes were J-A-K-U-N with Dayang's sidekick, so yeahh
Especially JON ! Hahaha

Ey ey, look at this *flipping the phone* WOAHHH ! Hahahaha. Ey ey, got camera !
And it goes on and on

Okay give me back that phone

Those are the dudes. Pain in the arses dudes <3
Okay guess what, they bought tickets for Transporter 3. I told Fadhli that it's 18, but he doesnt care. I'm short for God's sake ! No no, correct that, I'm the shortest among all -______- (!) AND, I watched it with my mom and brother
I was restless cause I was sure we won't pass. Especially me -.-
And yeah, mmg tak lepas, haha -.- So Izreen belanja another ticket - Bolt
The movie was .. cute but not awesome

Weyh weyh, mamat tu *showing to the character in the movie*, npk cm mamat yg tak bagi kitorang masuk transporter
Hahahahahah agak arh !
Uish, muke cm mintak kaki doh

Headed to Burger King after the movie. And while Fadhli was ordering our food, Dydy and I went somewhere else
And guess what, they put chilli inside my coke and Dydy's coke :@
At first, it doesn't taste wrong but they were laughing and giggling. Jon was like, ' Ugh, I'm thirsty *drinking* Hahaha '. It was suspicious
When they left, I thought of that thing so yeah, there was sauce inside our coke -.-
Ugh babi betul diorang

Dah boring lepak OU, pegi Curve lah. Naik taxi
Dude, the taxi driver is WEIRD ! He was telling us like, " Kenapa la nak pegi Curve jam 6 macam ini. Jalan jam tau ". Wadafak, hahaha. Then he was like talking to himself I guess
Arrived at Curve, round round Cineleisure and chillaxed at Starbucks. Aaahhh Caramel Frapuccino <3 - with whipped cream
Waited for Sabrina there. While doing that, Dy taught me how to speak Bahasa Sarawak. Okay, memeningkan. Hahaha, ADA ACCENT KOT ! :s And let me tell ya, it's impossible for someone like ME, who speaks BM for a looonngggg time already and then tries to speak Bahasa Sarawak. With the accent, and the words, uishh
Yeah, 7 something, Sabrina came. And I was talking to Syamel kesayangan Dydy tu haa. Haha, saja nak dgr suara :|
Around 8, went to Red Box to eat and karaoke, haha
On the way there, jumpa Danial Rezman. Wow, dah agak lama tak jumpe die ow. Talked to him for awhile and a waiter from the restaurant where I was talking to Danial, was asking Sabrina and Dayang, they ate already or not and all
HAHAHA, sempat mengurat ow
So yeah, karaoke and ate at Red Box :) Sabrina belanja, THANKS <3
Danial called and jumpa again for awhile at Red Box

Anywaaayyyy, Danial wanted to buy something so he went
Dayang, Sabrina and I karaoke like nobody's business. Sumbang pun sumbang lah :D Hahahaha. Melepaskan geram dan rasa pasrah kan, so yeahh
Put a fullstop to an amazing day with my loved ones at 10 pm and yes, I was tired, exhausted AND I'm having my pms. So, after I arrived home, I was bummed :(

Oh yess, supper's ready,
Tataaaaaaa ;p

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