Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feel Good Inc.


Well well, Raya Haji passed. It was okay okay, haha
Mom woke me up at 8.30. No, didn't go for Raya prayer, since dad's not at home ( aahh rindu babah )
So yeah, I was sleepy and it was cold. I dragged my ass out of bed and walked to the toilet, with my eyes close to be precise
I was shivering after I took my bath. Dah lamaaaaaa tak menggigil cause sejuk since std. 6 ( std.6 kan bangun pagi and mandi. and this year, tak pernah bangung pagi pagi buta ) Hahaha, so yeahh
What I did the whole day waaasss .. eat, eat and eat. NON STOP !
Makan rendang, desert, rendang, desert, jyeah :9 Buncit terus, haha
And had a 'family meeting' -- my mom, me, brother, 18 yrs old cousins, aunts and uncles -- talking about studies, attitudes
And well, I hate it when they started to talk about why I didn't try my best on the KYSM selection -.- Okay whatever, I'm lazy to talk about it. Buat rase guilty je ade arh
And that night, I didn't online since I just can't, bleghh. So I watched Kung Fu Panda. OMG, BEST GILE. And yeah, mmg teringat pasal ermm... you know :(
Haha but well, Po comel ah :D Clumsy and all, but comel :D


Went to town, to buy tudung for school. Blegh, haha. And yeah, had to wake up at 8 something and get ready. Again with the dragging, hahaha
Woke up at 8. 30 , but went to town at 10.30. Cool kan ? :@
Bodoh punye taxi, tak ade la and all. Bangang !
Okay, I can't ride a taxi cause I will get dizzy and feel like I wanna vormit. So I had to listen to slow songs, and close my eyes. Took a short nap
Soooo, round round, searched for good material of kain ( haha ) for my tudung
Went back home around 1.30 ...
So yeah, that's my boring day :)

Hazwani !

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