Sunday, February 8, 2009

Don't You Fake It

First monthly test is coming in 2 weeks time
Dammit, just around the corner and guess what, my class just started studying Geo this week
I guess I'll just study Geo on my own. Lagi advance :p Hahaha
History pulak, I think I have to start reading it cause I feel like there's nothing about History in this tiny head of mine
Science, I think I can catch up on that since Mr. Nathan to the rescue ! Hahaha
Maths, not really a problem since Integers and all are not really hard
BM, I'm having a hard time on the Paper 2 ( God, save me ! ) and same goes to English
Agama, I haveee to reaaaddddd, just like History
KH, oh God, don't remind me lah
Okay okay , to make things clear, I SERIOUSLY HAVE TO START STUDYING !
I haveee to stick my ass on my chair using Gam Gajah. Yeah, that's a good idea I guess :)
And shorten up my time in front of this purdy laptop ( purdy la sgt -.- )
Oh well, I should get started on my homeworks and then , revision
Maybe later lah. Hahahahaha

Oh and tau taaaakkkk ,
Everyone's being such a pain in the ass -.-
Satu hari, baik gilaaaa and all. Then the next day, dah cam sial. Bodobooo ah

Oh damn, I bet tomorrow will be a busy day for me :/
Tuition in the morning and off to whoever's house for Oral English thingymajiggy
Uhhh, thank God BM tuition is cancelled
And then, on Tuesday, Pelantikan Pengawas thingyy. I dont know why but I'm scared of going on the stage
Cuak !

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