Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Quite The Little Escapoligist

Currently listening to ; Jonathan Clay - Back to Good

Don't ask me why, but I'm currently digging my ears and head into Arctic Monkey's songs
I think I'm a music freak. I have to listen to music everyday or else .. or else .. I don't know what will happen lah >:(
Haha so,
Tomorrow's the last day of my agonizing monthly test. JOY TO THE WORLD ! But ... I hate it cause the subjects are like shitty shit


I don't wanna brag but Sejarah ?! Geography ?! KH ?!
Oh God, save me
I can't forget what Pn Rukkumani said : Awak kene dpt A. Tak boleh B. Saya tak terima B. Faham ?!
What the hell right ? It's like da-a-a-am-m-mnnnn
You know what I mean ?
Jom hentak kepala sama sama kat dinding :(
Let's hope the questions are not that mind-turning-twisting and all *fingers crossed*

I'm feeling so geeky cause everyday, I feel like I can't wait to go to school
Okay Hazwani, rajin gila nak pegi skola -.-


Badabing Badaboom,
BM tuition yesterday was funny. Hahaha normal la tu kan
Cikgu Nik sang a song from Ibu Mertuaku. I have no idea what story is that but heck, cikgu nyanyi lawak gila
Hahaha with a deep voice and all. Bravo bravo !
We were suppose to do Ringkasan but I think I was the one who brought up a topic about songs
So, Sofia started singing Lenka - The Show and she started talking about a song by erm.. Girlicious ?

Sofia : Eh korang korang, dgr lagu Girlicious - Stupid Shit ni. Best oh ! Jap eyh cikguu *looking through her phone*
Cikgu Nik was staring at her
Sofia : Jap cikgu jappp. *played the song*

Everyone was listening to the song then... ZAP ! Teacher took her phone

Sofia : EH CIKGU ! Takyah laaaa ! *struggling to get the phone*
Cikgu Nik : Saya suruh buat keje, awak pasang lagu, sape suruh. Hahaha
Sofia : Cikgu, nnt kang ade sms la cikgu
Cikgu Nik : Haa takpe, saya tak baca
Cikgu Nik : Message dari Razif

Screaming and shouting just to get the phone
Teacher saw the message a bit and there was " .... syg "
Hahaha cuak Sofia
Her phone was held hostage by teacher hahaha

And teacher kept imitating Sofia on the part she was saying ' eh eh korang, dgr lagu ni '
Hahahaha sumpah lawak gila. His face expression and all

Me : Sofia meng.ge.lu.pur ahh -.-
Sofia : HAHAHA eh ape tu ?
Me : Menggelupur ah
Sofia : HAHAHA cmne nak spell and ape maksud die ?
Me : Erm, m e n g g e l u p u r. Die cm gelabah, kecoh lah
Sofia : OHH ckp lagi ckp lagi. Cam tadi tu hahaha
Me : Meng.ge.lu.pur -_________-

Budak tu masalah la -.- Hahahaha

Okay I have to go
Kene tanam ilmu ilmu Sejarah, Geografi and KH dalam otak kecik ni

Rasa cm nak sms orang la ):
Oh ohhh
I miss him, I miss his messages
Menyesal tukar phone ngan my sis. Tak baca his messages, rindu gilaaa laa ):
I want to start a conversation with him but I'm afraid that I'll be disturbing him, yknow


Happy Belated Birthday Amirul Hazeem bin Kamarul Bahrein
Hahaha nama panjang terus
Hey hey, I wished him at 12.04 am on the 23rd of February okay
Ni baru je post blog so, okay lah tu :p
So Hazeem, semoga panjang umur and erm, let's hope your pimples will go away in a flash hahaha

Okay lah, byebyeee :)
Wish me luck on tomorrow's paper

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