Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has A Bodycount

My leg hurts, really. Tu la, tak selalu lari. Kan dah sakit kaki, grrr -.-

Anyway, today was SMKTTDI's Sport's Day. It went well
Woke up at 6 A.M, took a bath and all, off to school at 6.45. How I wished I slept early cause I was sleepy !
Moving on..
It was extremely hot. Belum pape lagi dah berpeluh haha
It was getting boring cause well, I wasn't sitting with the ones that I'm closed to. So I went for a walk and sat with Hakim at Yellow House's turf
Technically, I walked from Red House's turf, to the sort-of-cafeteria place and just any houses' turf until it was 4x100 m event
Rasa nak terkencing tau tak ? ;(
I was the 2nd runner cause, I think I'm slow so yeah, 2nd runner was the right choice (Y) Hahaha
I thought the event was gonna start later, as in later. So, went to Azi and lepak jap

This dude, he's the KP of the KRS. He was like disturbing people. Whenever people passed by, he'll be like "Oi oi" then when that person turns around, he'll pretend like he's talking to us
Hahahahaha if you were there, I think you'll have a stomachache

I went to the Red House's turf few minutes later and bumped into Asiyah on the way there. She said that we had to go register our names. I was like "Oh shit !"
Rasa nak terkencing, perut rasa tak sedap haha, grrr
The track was warm so Asiyah and I decided not to wear spike shoes or even wear socks with our tapak kaki kene stick dgn cellophentape
And actually, my tapak kaki was sticked with cellophentape already but hey, I'm used to running barefooted
So yeah, we took the opportunity of the warm track to not wear spike shoes
When we were at our spot, rupa rupanya, ade performance -.- Haisho
Silat and sketsa. After the performance, 4x50 m event for the teachers
Ya Allah, baik bagi kitorang duduk dekat tempat pendaftaran tu sekejap or something, because it was hot ! How unfortunate right ?
And bila nak dekat event 4x100 m la, track nak panas, weather pun panas :@
Since I knew my sole and all will get injured if I ran on that hot track barefooted, I ran to teacher and up to the Red House turf just to find a spike shoes. Penat kot !
Thank God, Fareez had spike shoes, although tak muat sangat hahaha
Anywaayy, I was scared + anxious. When Asiyah started running, ohmyGod, memang cuak gila sial hahaha
But yeah whatever, at least I got third place
BUT, the third runner and fourth runner made us got fourth place. I am not gonna blame or anything cause we did try our best :)
Then, my job was to support Red House, so I did. Sakit tekak jerit nama orang and jerit "GO MERAH !" hahaha

Eh guess what, I'm actually lazy to blog but well, I have to update on my Sport's Day hahaha ;p
Unfortunately, Merah last. Last year, most athletes were form 5s so yeah, this year tak banyak sangat athlete

1st : Blue
2nd : Yellow
3rd : Green
4th : Red

It doesn't really matter that Red got last place. The thing that really make me feel so annoyed is that, when people who don't participate anything, macam belagak gila, perli rumah sukan lain
Hello, sedar sikit, kau tak masuk pape pun. Kau duduk kat stand tu, support je. At least, orang yang kau perli tu, masuk events and contribute something to the house
Manusia sekarang, semua tak guna otak and fikir. Semua fikir diri diorang bagus sangat -.-'

Now, I want to take a rest hehe.


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