Thursday, April 30, 2009

Make Up The Breakdown

Approximately 2 weeks and a few more days, I'll be saying hello to those ugly, brain-squeezing papers. Aaahh nice -.-
If it's not mid-term, I won't really give a flying tuck but no, this is mid-term. Yes, I bold it so that you guys would understand the stress I'll be going through
You can say " Alaa baru je mid-term, bukannya intensive cam form 3s and form 5s "
You idiots don't know my parents okay
They'll be getting ready with a cane, microphone, and tough ass hands when I get my marks
If my marks don't impress them, my ears will be half deaf from the overload plus loud lectures and maybe a few punishments
Y'see exam marks, because of YOU, I'm the one who'll be getting the not-nice-at-all spankings and all

So, to prevent all those, I have to be nerdified and bury my head in note books and text books
I have to study form 1 chapters of Maths cause I am very very weak on those angles and all
Then, since Pn. Ooi always finish a chapter of Geography in a day ( which leaves me without understanding anything ), I have to concentrate on that too
Same goes to Sejarah. Honestly, my head is blank. I know nothing about Sejarah right now. Ask me questions, my answers will be a few "Ermm"(s), "Errr"(s) and "Hmm"(s) *nods*
I can polish myself on Science and I have to make myself understand and memorize Agama
I'm blank on KH too yknow hehehe

Conclusion is, I have a lot of catching up to do. I have to concentrate in class. I can't do something else during a different subject's period. I have to do a lot of notes and most important is..


Yeap, that's the study spirit (Y)

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