Thursday, April 2, 2009

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Currently listening to ; The Fray - You Found Me

:D :) :| :/ :(

Mixed emotions yknow ?
Damn, March passed by so fast !
And no, I'm not ready to say Hello to April yet, actually. I don't want time to pass by at the speed of light
Actually, tgh sabar je nak end of the year. Sumpah tak nak this year to end, seriously :(

Imbas balik bulan March ;

I think, it was a good month :)
Ups and downs are a must yknow but well.. The best thing was my birthday and that surprise pogo thing
I think this year's birthday was the best ? My family made a surprise for me, my friends did a 'great' flour fight at Sulei + hangout at OU

Of course, there are some other great times too ; in school for example
Gelak macam org gila, lepak dengan gang belakang class, jadi samseng sometimes. Hahahaha

To make everything short, March was the bomb

Thanks God, no one starts my April month with their April Fools
Alhamdulillah :) Hahaha


Went to school today (A) and it was the last day of Sukantara
Red house had 400m run and lontar peluru
I didn't participate for 400m run due to my backbone and asthma -.-'
I seriously wanted to run okay. I want to see if I can past it just like last year or not
But neah, I can't. I didn't bring my inhaler and if I did, I still can't participate
Bummer right ?
And you know what, I think Tapir ( Haziqah ) was faking the fainting scene
Wanna know why ? Oh hohoho, I'll tell you why
When the PBSM people ( they are her friends tau ) ANGKAT her, she wasn't having that tired and almost-fainting face. Instead, she was smiling and sorta laughing when the PBSM people couldn't relaly lift her properly
Fake gila sial -.-

I can't forget a conversation between me and erm, who eyh ? Lupa ah :s Hahaha

Me : Eh eh, tapir ah
Someone : Sekolah ni cm zoo la. Ade tapir lah, and dalam platun KRS ade banyak gila nicknames haiwan

Hahaha one example : Katak. HAHA
And ustaz calls Zultsaqib as Capang. That's because of his ears. Free free je hahaha

Anywaayy, after 400m run, off for lontar peluru
I did 2 attempts. The first attempt, I actually passed but I wasn't stabil so when I threw that heavy thingymajiggy, I stepped on the brick that I wasn't suppose to pass it
I was trying the hell out to balance and thank God, dapat balance *wipes sweat*
Or else, I think I would be kissing the grass with a flat face hahahaha
2nd attempt, lepas ah *bangga*
Like Azrel said to me last time

Hazwani : =8D

That's a smiley we 'invented' which means : kembang hidung
Hahahaha he was laughing his ass off when I used that emoticon for the first time

Mengapakah saya selalu terpesong ke topik lain ? -_______________________-"

After recess, I was being a good girl so I didn't walked around the school compound
Just sat in class and had a chat with Fadhli, Shasha and Danial
Wait ! Mostly, I talked with Danial
We had our one-to-one chat. Best gila dapat luahkan perasaan and Danial pun luahkan perasaan :)
Dah la both of us were sitting on the desk beside the window that was facing the field

Oh I think it was the first time Pn. Rukkumani let us go home early
And by the meaning of early is right after the bell rings which was 1.10
Most of the time, she let us out around 1.20. That's annoying -.-

My mom's in Surabaya, Indonesia now
So, whenever my dad goes to the office, I'll be home alone with my maid
Just now, I took the opportunity to watch Twilight (Y)
After school, I told my brother to drive me to 7-Eleven and I bought Potato Chips and a drink to camp in my room and watch Twilight
After I took my bathe, I on the aircond, closed the curtains and watched Twilight :D
Heehee best best best (Y) I was drooling !

So, that was my day. It wasn't really a mistake to go to school just now, somehow :)


Kakak : Omg, mamat dalam Twilight tu handsome gila !
Me : Wani dah cakap dah -.-
Kakak : Kakak terus tak boleh makan. Mase tgk tu, kakak tgh makan. Tetiba dia masuk kat cafeteria tu, kakak dah cam tak boleh gerak. Ann pun same
Me : Hahahaha okaayy, at least that didn't happen to me

Really enthusiatic, no ?

And OMG (!), I think prefect's dinner falls on the 18th of July :(
I hope not cause if it does ( I haven't check the board about it ), I can't go
Cause I'll be in Bangkok
God, this is frustrating :/


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