Sunday, April 26, 2009


Yesterday, I slept at 5 A.M. Tak aman nak tidur, banyak benda dalam otak :/

Procrastinate is my best friend, other than Oxford English Dictionary, really hahaha
I have to finish up KH notes, which I remembered just now when Harisah, Izreen and I were talking about Pn. Rukkumani
I have to finish it up since Pn. Rukkumani blew up my eardrums last week
Other than that, I have BM essay which I have to send in tomorrow. Guess what, I'm video calling with Dayang and we're discussing on my homework while I'm helping her on her English oral script or something
Now, I don't know where is my Agama notebook. I hope someone borrowed it last Friday. If luck's not at my side, that means, I've lost my Agama notebook
Neah, I'll keep my fingers crossed

So, Prefects' Duty Roster will change tomorrow I guess. Yeay (Y)
It's hot if you duty at the form 2 block. And I got the 3rd floor -.- It's because, in the morning, the Sun is right in front of you grrrr
Memang panas la *sweats*

I can't believe tomorrow's school. I don't feel like dragging my ass to school haha
And just now, Harisah, Izreen and I were suppose to discuss on Civic Folio
But I think, our brains were jammed ? Cause we did only a bit and then, we were off to OU around 4 something hehe
Walked around and hangout for awhile with Qallif, Syakir, Fadhli, Najib, Andy and Adri
Sent Izreen home at 6 o'clock and Harisah walked back home right after we arrived my house, since she had to take her bag

Yes, I don't wanna make this post long cause as you can see, I'm quite busy right now on finishing up my homework
Surprisingly it's already 10.43 pm
So much for my plan on sleeping early -.-


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