Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Like To Move It, Move It

I like to go to school. Despite the studying, whenever there's nothing to do or just the usual boring times yknow
With people like those A-hole clowns in class, it is exactly like eating BR's World Class Chocolate, get me ? Hahahaha
I mean, it feels good or maybe, great, going to school and laugh your arses off, til your stomach feels like it's gonna burst anytime
Now, I'm not gonna start babbling about what happened in school. Just that..
  • Izreen and I poured ice water and threw ice at Harisah in class. The continuation of the lack-of-fun pogo yesterday. The ice we used, actually I was using it as an ice pack for my right hips. Thanks to Fareez, he dropped it and the plastic tore open I think.
  • Pinched Danial's stomach after only God knows how long :D That was my hobby last year hahaha. Sekarang rasa puas and macam lepaskan geram sampai perut dia merah (Y)
  • We planned to ask Ustazah Ruha questions about marriage during Amali. But then, datang ilham kot ( HAHA ), there were lots of questions in our mind. Just to waste our time yknow :p
*Hariz pegang kaki Fareez and macam raba raba. Ustazah tengah cakap, tetiba stop*
Ustazah : Awak tengah buat apa Hariz ?
Hariz : Huh ? Oh tgh sikat bulu kaki dia

I hate waking up from a nap and start to sneeze. It makes my nose itch and red like a clown's nose :(
Then my dad will think that I have a flu, which leads to.. Medicine !
I won't rant about it anymore but &^%$#
Okay, I'm done

Oh and, I'll be going to the cheer competition this Sunday. I can't wait cause I heard, a lot of people are going on Sunday
Sah nampak banyak muka familiar hahaha
As a good friend, I'll be supporting Sri Aman's D'Starz ( Betul ke ? ). I'll even wear that orange shirt just to support that school
Bak kata Cikgu Nik : I like it ahak ahak hahahaha



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Mami Poko said...

that ustazah part was fuunneh.