Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wincing The Night Away

For the first time, I did History without sweating bullets or went through a long time to think what's the answer. On the other hand, Geography and KH were the pain-in-the-ass subjects. Geography was just too annoying for me to take it seriously, whilst KH was.. Better but not good either. Though, it was funny when Izreen took Aidil's paper as if like it wasn't even an exam. No, he didn't copy, you shallow minded people. He wanted to see how was the questions cause y'know, Technical and Perdagangan students had different papers ? And he said, our papers were easy. Pfftt, that boy ahh -.-

*I'll update this post, later. Now, I have to feed myself cause my stomach is having a hardcore concert :o
Hello, bukak puasa !


Miss Leena's class just now went well, as usual. More talking, less work. Prove : Teacher told us to do as many summaries as we can and I managed to finish only one summary. Tu pun pause pause and after 2 hours of tuition which was until 10, pukul 10 baru la siap hahahaha :')
I was talking to Sabrina and y'know, just talked about stuff. Normal routine in class. And Miss Leena took out her camera, snapped a few pictures of us which were mainly candid pictures. No, we weren't that generous to let her take our pictures. Though, when she said she wanted to have a picture of the twins, just to see how cool it is to see a picture of twins, Mia agreed.
But when she said she wanted to take a picture of me and Sabrina, we didn't want to. She said, she would upload that candid picture she had of us into Facebook.
Look at the bright side, the pictures weren't bad hahaha.
She recorded two videos of us and planned to upload them on YouTube. I was the only one who didn't have a problem with that -.- Hey, it's cool cause it was spontaneous and Sabrina and I had our laughing moment. Which was when Sabrina came up with Four Virgins as the title of the video.
Teacher wanted to write the video as the Four Chicas but I said it was lame. Sabrina came up with a weird but true name, which was ... Four Virgins hahahahaha.
Don't ask me how or why she picked that. Long story :)

All and all, great class !
Sadly tomorrow we have a replacement class. I wanna cry my eye balls out :'(

M.I.A from school tomorrow xx

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Mami Poko said...

YEAHHH! Izreen rocker amik kertas orang. hahaha

just like me and hafiz during sejarah (FIRST TEST!)

u must write moar posts so i wont get bored for the holidays.