Sunday, August 9, 2009

Knock Knock

I studied just now !
For 30 minutes hahaha. Then I went downstairs to eat lunch and planned to continue on History.
But, I watched tv for 2 hours and now, I'm here.
Productive, no ?
Hey, at least I started studying already. And I'll continue after this since mom let me use the laptop til 7.30pm only.
Uhh disappointment !


I've been watching commercials by Arwah Yasmin Ahmad. God, she's a talented director (Y) I don't really watch her movies such as Sepet and Gubra but my mom recorded them. I will watch it when I have the time :)
You should watch her commercials, they'll touch your heart, really. I just love the commercial entitled The Love Of Tan Hong Ming. Comel gila. Even my mom said so.
And Iklan Petronas Raya 2007 - Burung Murai.
Conclusion is, she directed the most amazing commercials.
Watch watch :')

Rest in peace Yasmin Ahmad, innalillah.

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