Friday, August 7, 2009

She's Running Blind

A form 1 Edison student's mom and Farid from 2 Newton were infected with H1N1. I was totally surprised when teacher didn't let us be quarantined or something. She just told us that the cleaners cleaned our classes and we won't be quarantined cause H1N1 is a normal case now.
She even said "Perlu Risau, Jangan Takut". I feel like this is absurd, really.
H1N1 is a deadly disease now cause til today, there are 14 deaths. Yet, teacher didn't give us a week of quarantined or something.
They gave 2 Einstein a week off last time, why not Newton and Edison too since it's deadly ?

Mr. Nathan told us that our boyfriend is the Science book. I don't think I could bear with a Science book even for a few hours, let alone having a 'relationship' with it for only God knows how long !
But I know that I should start dragging my ass to my study table, start revising History, Islamic Studies, everything. Just squeeze every facts that I need into my brain.
I seriously have to prepare for my monthly test and the big exam in October (?)
So, I have to set my mind to Study Study Study Study and.. Study. It's not wrong to be nerdified yknow. Tomorrow, if no one can join me to the library, maybe I'll go alone.

Tonight, I'll sleep late if I can make myself stay awake. Just to get a head start (Y)

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