Sunday, September 13, 2009

Set Me Free

Waking up to the cool breeze of morning after-rain weather was just what I needed :')
I guess it rained quite heavily last night. Sampai tennis match pun postpone la, haih.

My request of going for Raya shopping was rejected by mom. She said, "Buat apa nak shopping Raya ? Raya je la, pakai baju kurung. Macam la kitorang balik kampung and orang datang rumah 24/7". That's my mom ! So, sadly, I don't have any new clothes for Raya. I don't really mind about shoes cause I have my gladiator-like heels that I wore to prefects dinner.
That means, I have my baju kebaya and baju kurung only. Biar lah, tak mati pun kan hahaha.
Plus, tak balik kampung pun, so yeah. I don't think I have any trips for Raya.
I don't really have the I-Can't-Wait-For-Raya feeling for now, I have no idea why. Despite the greens ( although duit kita ada warna merah, biru, hijau, etc. ), the food, family gathering and open houses ( won't do an open house but hoping for my friends' open house, HEHE ). Isn't Raya about the gathering too ? Well, sorta. No ? :)

I don't think I should be here right now,
I'm struggling on doing my Geography folio. And as you can see, I've been bragging about since a few posts before.
I've just realized that I actually do have a lot of things to search. Plus, susah gila nak cari infos pasal TTDI. Map pun susah nak cari :'(
Boleh nangis and botak la macam ni ! *&^%$#

( tengah berangan boleh buat tangan punya benda tu macam dalam video clip Pixie Lott - Mama Do )': kewl gila )

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