Saturday, September 12, 2009

Satisfaction Guaranteed

I'm in the midst of deciding either, should I sign up for Tumblr.. again.. for the 3rd time hahaha. Don't look at me like that ! I came across a website full of eye-catching, jaw dropping pictures. Cool shiznit yo. So that makes me feel like doing Tumblr, yet again. But why should I sign up when I can just save the pictures and have the spirit of writing posts right here ?
Okay, this is confusing.. again -.- I shall brainstorm and decide by tonight. Okay, alright.

I was in and out from home for the entire day. Woke up at 10.30am and followed ze parents to send the maid to dad's office and off to Klang to take cakes and kuih raya from my mom's friend's house. I had to follow cause I'm a wimp when it comes to stay home alone. Shut your chatter, continue reading -.-
Anyhoooo, after spending such a boring time there since I had nothing to do.
Dad planned to go to the supermarket after that but he was tired so we came home around 2pm. I thought I could rest for awhile but mom dragged me to pick up my maid. And we went for a few stops here and there to buy things, grrr.

Then, at 6pm went to OU but took a pit stop at the dry cleaners and Muhibbah. Mom went to Parkson to get dad's shaving cream while dad and I went to Chocolate Lounge, HEHE. We bought three Queen of Rock 'n' Roll for each of us, a slice of Tiramisu cake and Banana Milk Chocolate Cake.
I couldn't wait for break fast ! So, we waited for mom in front of Best Denki.
We arrived home on time. Balik balik je dah azan so I took out my baby Queen of Rock 'n' Roll and drank it. Guilty pleasure !
Honestly, today's buka puasa was the best :D Semua sedap tadi

But, I'm scared if I actually gain weight, not lose weight y'know :'(
I hope I lose weight. If not, I'll cry til my eye balls pop out or something !


Mami Poko said...

being bony like those super models actually pose a bigger threat than being overweight y'kow?

Hazwani AZ said...

damn, tak tahu pun :o