Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweet Sweet Mess

Yesterday night was rare yet marvelous. Rare because it has been quite long since the last time I had that much fun ! With the whole hangout clan showed up, it was downright great :D
Let me elaborate about it as I'm feeling all giddy thinking about it hahaha.

I've felt excited since the moment I woke up cause I knew I would have an undeniably hella fun. After going for lunch with my parents at Taman Melati, I took a short nap. Around 5.30pm, Sofia picked me up since she and her family just got back from an open house. Stopped by e@Curve since she had to take her reserved movie ticket, for her brother. Arrived at her house and went straight into her room. It seemed like she changed the positions of her bed and all.
Anyhooo, we talked for awhile, to catch up on a few things. Changed into our clothes. I borrowed her top, she borrowed mine. Fair enough haha. Went to Qallif's house after Maghrib. Thought it would be hard to find his house but then, saw Qallif and Wan by the road side. Paused smoking when they saw Sofia's mom though, thank God. We were there while Qallif, Wan and Andy finished their ciggies and went to Qallif's house. There were Zack, Akir, Iman, Neena, Balqis and Eeqa ( tak ada sape sape yang tertinggal kan ? ) and Zack gave me a 'warm' welcome by saying, "Dat balik kampung lah". Douchebag hahaha.

Went inside the house and Sofia and Balqis fell off a chair. Started it off with a good laugh, no ? HAHA (Y)
Everyone was making jokes and talked. They were joshing Iman since yesterday was Deepavali. Wan and Qallif went in front of Iman who was sitting on the couch and kissed his foot and all hahahaha. They even arranged these small thin statues, put a small elephant on a pillow and told Iman to sembah hahahaha. But, Iman kicked them all instead.
Went outside and took pictures. Wan told us some lame ass 'jokes' but damn, screw myself I can't remember 'em :(
After that, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. Everyone was noisy. I mean, c'mon, Andy was there ! Plus with Qallif, Wan and all, noise was the only thing they know how to do. Agree with me, will you ? Hahahaha. Fooled around, did some piggy-back ride which went disastrous for Sofia cause she fell onto the road. I was in front and I could hear the knock okay. Thank God she was alright, despite being a bit woozy. Continued our journey, took a few pictures and all.
I was walking with Wan and Sofia, when out of a sudden, they shouted, "LARI !". Memang terkejut la kan, ingatkan anjing kejar ke apa. After they stopped running already, I asked what happened. Rupa rupanya diorang pegi tekan loceng rumah orang -.- Bangang, buat tak bagi warning dulu !
All of us were sorta tired so they were sitting on the road. I told Iman to ring another bell since everyone was sitting on the road. He did and I ran for my life already hahahaha. Semua macam terhegeh-hegeh je.
It was fun + tiring + hot. I was sweating bullets, seriously. Plus, dah lama tak lari pecut and tak berpeluh camtu (Y)
Went back right after that and relaxed at Qallif's house. Hmm, what happened next eyh ?

Oh ya, Andy told all of us to gather cause he wanted to read this letter he got. So we sat at the dining table and he read it. Touching hahahaha. A cake with candles was on the table right after. It was written "Happy Birthday Qallif" on it. That means, yesterday was to celebrate Qallif's belated birthday too I guess ? Wan was being such a busybody, he told Qallif that his birthday passed too so Qallif wrote the number 1 under his name, which means Wan la kan hahahaha.
We proceeded to a game of Truth or Dare. It was effed up, really. Semua dare benda benda yang macam sial je hahaha bodoh.
Then, the guys went into that 'wrestling' mode. The guys went on top of each other, macam burger. And guess what, atas sekali was Zaim. Kesian gila Andy yang bawah sekali haha. He said, "Atas sekali Bob eyh ? Padan aku rasa macam tetiba load BESAR" HAHA.

Went outside for another round of wandering around. But this time they planned to go to this playground which had no lights so it was dark. It depended on the lights of the houses only. And you should know that I hate darkness. Dah la tempat tu cam dalam sikit. I didn't wanna go in when I saw it was dark and scary but Zack pushed me -.- So I had to. And the whole time I was there, felt quite uncomfortable. Thanks to Zack, he stayed with me the whole time while the others were taking pictures and having fun although I told him to join them. So we just sat at the bench. Then, they came to us and took pictures. Okay it was fun after that.
Dat was missing in action and in the midst of taking pictures, he called hahahaha kesian dia. Stranded in Negeri Sembilan for a wedding :p I showed Zack that Dat was calling, so I made the call on loudspeaker. Zack fooled around with Dat so I didn't get the chance to talk to him, grr.

It was already 10.40pm so we walked back home. Hungout in the living room for awhile and Sofia's dad came around 10 minutes after that. Packed my stuff that were all over Sofia's room and mom was downstairs already. Went back home with a tired body. Took a shower immediately since I was sweating bullets due to the running and all. Dah la baju macam tebal je ! It was very very refreshing after a bath, fuh.
Dozed off right after cause I was so tired. But I felt really really guilty for not studying at all the whole day :(
It's okay, I'll make it up for it tonight :)

I had a great time yesterday. Thanks Qallif for inviting me :)
Oh and yes, I'm cool with Sofia already. And Fadhli too.

P.S : I know, this is a long post. Bear with it ! Haha
P.P.S : More photos at Facebook and MySpace.

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