Friday, October 16, 2009

Whaaaaaaaaaat ?

  • School was an absolute bore. It was the most boring school day in my life, seriously. Teacher didn't come into the class at all. I think it was because they had that discipline thingy so the teachers were sorta busy ?
  • I was in class for only 40 or 50 minutes, after recess hahaha.
  • First and second period, the class went to Makmal Cyber but Miera and I went downstairs instead. We sat at those round tables near teacher's room. Just to skip Arts, we begged Cikgu Fadzli to give us something to do.
  • Oh yeah, Harisah didn't come to school. Same goes to Shar, so you know -.-
  • Aiesya Rafieqa came to my school for the discipline ceramah thingy but unfortunately, we didn't meet each other :( Ye la, bila orang pergi rehat pengawas, they had to go back to the hall balik pulak.
  • Sat at the round tables after recess to do our KH works. Went up when it was getting hotter.
  • Perdagangan students joined our class so it was better. Cikgu Nik Azizon let us out 5 minutes early. She rocks haha.
  • Pak Teh will board on a plane back to Houston at 3.30am :( Have a safe flight, Pak Teh !

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