Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Watch Your Head Spin Like A Massive Cyclone

There are people who tend to judge me by the way I treat people.
I'm not trying to say that I'm absolutely nice and all but there are people who have that first impression, thinking that I'm absolutely friendly, not arrogant, etc. And when I don't really talk to them, they'll start saying that I'm arrogant, I'm unfriendly, blablabla.

Just to make things clear, I'm sorta antisocial. My parents said so, my friends said so and I believe so too. I can't last replying comments with a person that long as it will start making me blank. Just the replying comments and all will eventually be boring to me. And, you'll realize that as the conversation goes on, I won't have any idea on what to talk about. That's when I'll just say "Oh haha, okay." or maybe something that can make you see that I've ran out of ideas. No, I'm not arrogant. I like making friends, I just don't know how to socialize well y'know ?

I admit, my English sucks, my grammar sucks, anything that's related to English sucks. I'm not like those people who communicate with their parents, siblings and relatives in English. I actually envy those people. Reading their blogs which were written with perfect English, make 'em more interesting to read y'know. Those blogs become more interesting when they use some outstanding words or the words I've never ever heard before. That's just why the dictionary is always by my side whenever I'm online and I'll read it before I sleep hahaha I'm serious.
So, I don't really mind if you people who are saying or said I'm bad in English, I speak broken English whatsoever cause I admit, I ain't that good.

As you can see, I don't really have a kick-ass personality and for now, that is all I have in this pretty messed up mind of mine.
Taaa !


Mami Poko said...

damnn you actually read the dictionary? i wish i could do that to improve my BM.

im still your walking dictionary riiight?

Hazwani AZ said...

i read dictionary but i don't actually remember everything i read, of course hahaha. i wish i have like a photography mind or something :'(
masuk la tuition BM :)

damn, you are still my walking dictionary Imma :p fosho ! haha

Mami Poko said...

i know how u feel. i wish i had eidetic memory too ):

then i can easily finish studying sejarah.