Friday, November 6, 2009

For A Little While

"Why not ? Cause I'm *insertname*" - Bak kata Andy HAHA.

  • It's 3.02am and I'm having my History paper in around 5 hours.
  • Planned with Harisah to study and stay up late. But ended up planning not to sleep at all.
  • Had only a cup of coffee and I'm still not sleepy yet. Before this, a few cups of coffee left me with sore eyes by 2am okay ! -.-
  • Just started on chapter 5 of History and haven't started anything on Science which consists of form 1 chapters too.
  • So, I'm still screwed !
  • Post finals plans are all set :D Okay, not perfectly set and all but I have a few things in mind already.
  • Time flies by really fast. The next thing I'll know is that I'm officially a PMR candidate *gulps*
  • Okay, continuing on my History !

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