Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lets Make The Ground Shake

Hello November, why do you come so fast ?
Now now, despite the excitement of the long holiday that's coming my way, I don't think I have had enough of this year. No, not the dramas. I'm talking about the fun. The best class a girl could ever wish for ! What if next year, the back of the class gang will be separated ? I'll cry, literally. Okay, whatever it is, Izreen Luen Harisah Miera and Shar have to be by my side next year. Or else...

Haih, why do they have to do the friggin' streaming ? What's the point actually ? What's wrong with us being in the same class for another year ?

Next year will definitely be different cause 1) I'll officially be a PMR candidate, where the tense and stress will overrule my body and mind. I can feel and imagine what I'll be going through next year. Oh, amazing ! (You have to sense the sarcasm, okay). 2) Hello new block ! I wonder what will it feel like to study under your lonely roof since you're not connected to any other blocks. 3) With the form 5s out of the school, you have to admit the atmosphere will be different. Slightest difference pun mesti ada punya, betul tak ?

Okay, enough about this.

Yesterday's mission to study til the break of dawn..


Dozed off at 2am due to a headache. A stupid headache. Fanbleedingtastic -.-
So now I'm off to start on my Maths and..
Shit, what's coming out coming out for English literature paper 2 ?!

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