Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm Addicted To The Thrill

I didn't spend my time being a couch potato today ! Usually, I would lock myself in my room and mind my own business, although I don't have anything interesting in my room other than my laptop which is under my parents' authorization and Astro which doesn't have channel 714, 713, 712, 711 and cartoon channels hahaha.

Anyway so, what did I do today ?
Oh right, had lunch at Delicious with ze sister and parents. Shared Carbonara Spaghettini with kakak since we ate 2 bungkus of nasi lemak for breakfast. Mind us, we were hungry ! Headed to Zara right after lunch cause I've been searching for a new pair of skinny jeans since last week and I was in dire need for a new pair. Got my hands on a denim skinny jeans but I looked at my myself in the mirror, wearing it, I looked fat really. Sumpah kaki nampak besar, although memang pun besar, you dig ? Hahahaha lantak lah. Okay anyway, had to cut it short a bit since it was a bit labuh. So in a week, I'll get it haih. Spent almost an hour in there since the service was a bit slow and had a hard time choosing the right pair. Dah la banyak orang and that sales person guy was from Sarawak or somewhere lah. Tak faham bahasa kot and a newbie I guess ? Lembab okay, lembab. By the time we went out from the store, mom called, telling us to meet her near Burger King. But kakak and I planned to cut our hair and all so mom and left us there. Headed to Infinity and kakak cut her hair short, pfftt what a waste. While I was just so stupid, I told the hair stylist person, that I wanted her to make my hair layered not cut it. Padahal, I wanted to cut my hair a bit shorter since it's long now. SO she layered it only. Right at this moment, my hair is as long as it was yesterday if you know what I mean. I'll so drag my sister to that Quick Cut shop to cut my hair hahahaha, serious ni ! Rambut dah panjang sampai bawah tali bra, lebih sikit y'know. Rimas blegh.

Came home and did nothing but eat, talk with my sister and online.
Can't wait for tomorrow's party. Many people will be there and I can feel the fun that I'm gonna have tomorrow. Oh yeah !


Mami Poko said...

cut ure hair like last year punya. that ones better.

Hazwani AZ said...

which one ? o.o