Sunday, February 21, 2010


I think you've heard TTDI people complaining on how unfair it was for us to have school on Thursday and Friday while other schools got two extra off days. But heck, I made my own holidays :B Okay fine, unintentionally ? On Thursday, I woke up late cause I unintentionally slept late, yesss. On Friday, I had my reason why.
It's Sunday now, okay it's already 8pm, so yeah, Sunday night. I'll be seeing school in less than 24 hours, happy happy joy joy ! -.-

What to update you snots about eh ?
Oh right, you guys know that I'm cool with my mom already right ? Yeah, we're cool. We baked cupcakes right after I said sorry :) Delicious cupcakes I tell you !
C'mon, it's a mother-daughter relationship. Always have the ups and downs y'know, I believe that.

Had a remarkable time with my girls and two best guy friends last Wednesday. Didn't get to catch Valentine's Day and Percy Jackson since both movies' tickets were selling fast and the queue was long. Impossible to get the perfect timing tickets.

Met him though that day. Tried to sort things out but mission failed. But everything went back on track that night. So yeah, now we're fine I guess ? I'm still having doubts about everything but eventually, it will go away, won't it ? Mhmm.

Aiya, too messed up. Imma write a new post. A longer and effed up one, yeaaahh !

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