Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just Stand Up And Scream

"Like vines we intertwined. Carelessly growing up and growing old. Life was on our tongues. It tasted heavenly so good."
; The Hush Sound - We Intertwined

Farhana Hadi's status : The Hush Sound ; The girl version of Death Cab for Cutie.
HECK YEAH, couldn't agree more baby ;)

I am actually taking a break. Okay I'm lying. I just had this sudden urge to blog. Yes, be surprised ! My mojo is super strong.
It's weird that whenever I have the urge to blog is when I'm so blank. Whilst when I'm too lazy to blog is when I have lotsa things to share with you people (I doubt there are followers though)

Diagnostic is coming to an end, thank God. 9 papers down, 3 more to annihilate. History paper was dope, my brain failed on me, it died the second my eyes read the first question. It proves that my brain hates History just like I do ;) I wasted my time panicking on Indices, but it was missing in action. Yes, paper 1 had no questions on Indices. Sigh ! But Circles had to ruin everything. I did the questions at the very last minute (Specifically, when teacher said "Masa sudah tamat" HAHA). So, obviously I used my shot gun and tembak everything, pyu pyu pyuu ~ Hopefully I won't see a B for that okay, I might kill myself if that happens.

My tummy is grumbling, I might just raid the kitchen like Yogi Bear, grr !

Thanks to my lads and Harisah, I'm listening to screamos again. Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, etc. Of course, Luen sings in school every day. That's why I'm hooked to the songs that he always sings. Curse you, Irish lad ! Okay joke joke, love you. John Mayer every day like yeah ♥
Party in my bedroom every day too cause I'll turn on techno songs, full blast baby ! David Guetta's new song Gettin' Over You featuring Fergie, Chris Willis & LMFAO is the shiz, Benny Benassi's Sweet Dreams and Satisfaction, The Bloody Beetroots, Steve Aoki, and the list goes on and on. Come over and you won't even want to step into Zouk HAHA

Mom realizes that I've been stressed lately, due to the lack of food intake and it has been hard for me to fall asleep. So she said, "Whatever that's in your mind, whatever that's disturbing you, don't think about it. You can't torture yourself like this just because things aren't on the right track. But remember not to blame anyone or anything". So I told her that I made a decision for someone's sake, not giving a damn about my own sake. She said, "Why did you that ? The first thing you need to care is yourself. Of course it sounds selfish but you can't care about other people first, then yourself. There are things that you need to be selfish. Like now, you decided on something that you think it's for someone's sake, that person's happy but what about your happiness ? Think about it". Yes, I remember every single thing she said and yes, that shut me up. I'm lucky to have someone that can read me, understand me, sense my mood and whatnot ♥

This is such an inappropriate post. So boring and nonsensical. I should be studying but no no no, my mood to study is still in Far Away land. This reminds me of Shrek ! Imma drag my ass to the cinema to watch Shrek soon, mhmm.
Heck, ain't this a happy post ? It looks like it. So be happy people, smile, wink, show your teeth to everyone ! Unless you have teeth like those pirates, arrrr :B

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Reproduction is waiting for me. Oops I mean, Science.

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